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Below are just a few examples of rugs before and after they have been washed, sanitized, dried and protected. In some of these photos, the rugs have been repaired, restored and washed to produce the best results possible.


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How Often Should Oriental Rugs be Cleaned?

Wools rugs have a natural lanolin content which protects them from stains and resists the wear caused by everyday traffic. Our Oriental Rug Shampoo by MasterBlend® was specifically designed to re-infuse wool rugs with the lanolin lost during the regular carpet cleaning process so that your rugs are not only returned to you clean but also retain its natural stain resistance and durability. This allows your carpet to stay looking clean longer and lasting for generations.


We recommend that you clean your carpets at least every five years. For higher traffic areas like living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and entry ways, Miami Rug Cleaners recommend cleaning every one to three years. Regular cleaning will prevent the soiling that causes wear by friction deep inside the foundation of the rug. Also, regular cleaning supports a healthy texture and softness that brings happiness to your family, home and decor.

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Edge Repair

We repair this hand made rug that got damaged by dog chewing.

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Glue Back Repair

Do you Have a Rug with glue down backing Damage?

No worries, We can fix it!

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